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Can We Improve Youth Sports? Part 2 – A Brief History

Last week in Part 1, I briefly commented on how our current youth sports structure is actually feeding into our growing problem with anxiety and depression in our kids.  Today, in Part 2, I want to pass along some research that helps to answer one of the more common questions I get from frustrated parents…
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Can We Improve Youth Sports? Part 1 – Anxiety And Depression

This is the first post in a three (maybe four) part series about the current state of youth sports.  This first post will discuss the importance of youth sports in combating the trend of anxiety and depression in today’s kids.  The second post will give a brief historical background of the history and growth of youth…
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Make Losing Safe Again

The hosts of one of the podcasts I regularly listen to got into a debate about whether or not it’s ok to beat your kids at games when playing at home.  Actually, the original intention of the host who brought the subject up was to discuss at what age it’s ok to start beating your…
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Silent September

Back in July, this article from the US Today High School Sports site about a youth soccer association’s attempt at a Silent September caught my eye.  After some initial feedback like this, the South Carolina Youth Soccer Association sent some follow-up guidelines clarifying their intent and purpose.  Briefly, the guidelines for Silent September looked like this:…
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