I Love To Watch You Play.

Super fast post today – I made the mistake of leaving the office for a couple weeks, so I’m now trying to crawl out of the piles on my desk and in my email inbox.  I should know better by now, but… I’ve been reading stuff on I Love To Watch You Play for a…
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Property Right? Or Just A Nice Little Student Perk?

**This is probably a little thick for a Monday morning, but I combined a blog post with an assignment for class.  In the coaching biz, we call this a dual purpose drill!  Please remember, I’m not a legal expert, nor do I play one on TV. Participation in high school athletics – is it a…
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tj surgery

Pitch Counts, Tommy John, And America’s Pastime

With the NBA and NHL playoffs nearing their championships, it’s the time of year for baseball to take center stage.  While our high school seasons are wrapping up across the country (except for Iowa who I personally think does high school baseball correctly), we turn our attention to Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, American Legion, and…
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More On Youth Sports

A couple months ago, I came across this blog post detailing what former MLB outfielder Mark Kotsay believes is important in leading a youth baseball team.   (If you don’t know who Mark Kotsay is, Wikipedia has you covered here.)  Kotsay’s suggestions are baseball specific because that’s naturally what people will ask him about, but his…
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Better Coaching Techniques For Better Coaches

My first real coaching job when I was fresh from the factory was in Hillsboro, ND, as an assistant football, basketball, and baseball coach for the high school teams.  In my role as an assistant basketball coach, I had the opportunity to work under Elliot Rotvold, who is still the head boys’ basketball coach for…
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