Legal “Rights” To High School Athletics

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  1. Jerry Davis (Grandfather)

    This is coming from a Grandfather of a 10th grade public high school male student.
    We live in N.C. Been planning a snow skiing trip to Colorado (for the Grandson) and was discussed four months ago. The discussion was between a broken family. Mother and new husband, who just happens to be the Track Coach of the school my Grandson attends. Grandson is on the track team. Grandson has never won a track race. He does have some athletic ability, but a college scholarship is no where in sight. Due to snow, track meets were cancelled and rescheduled . Grandson was to be out of school Friday through Tuesday. This was agreed too four months ago with no argument. Exams are in progress. Grandson is a straight A student. Issue: Grandson was told by his Mother and step-dad, if he misses the Monday track practice and the Tuesday track meet, he would be kicked off the team. This is the first time the Grandson has ever missed a practice or meet. No official extracurricular activity policy in place through the athletic department. Lots of money and coordination has taken place in the last four months. Needless to say, Grandson is upset, biological Dad is upset and old Granddad is upset.
    I know my Grandson has responsibilities to the track team coaches and track team members. But not even a slight chance of ever kicking my Grandson under the bus. Him missing will not put points on the board nor win the event.
    How about hitting me back with your suggestions if you would please??

    1. highschoolsportsstuff

      There a quite a few layers to this. If I’m understanding correctly, the ski trip was planned for a period of time when there wasn’t a meet, but a meet was rescheduled on a date when he was already planning on being gone. So – my advice:

      First, go on the ski trip. He’ll remember that ski trip for much longer than he’ll remember anything that would happen during a week of a sophomore track season. Yes, getting kicked off the team for that would stink, but a skiing trip in Colorado for a kid from North Carolina isn’t a normal experience.

      Secondly, without knowing what other conversations may have taken place behind the scenes, if the consequence for missing this meet is getting kicked off the team (assuming that my brief summary earlier in this reply is correct), I think it’s worth your grandson’s time to visit with the AD about these extenuating circumstances. I can only speak for myself as an AD – and, again, I don’t know anything about the athletic dept. policies, procedures, past precedent, etc. or any conversations that may have been had between kid and coach – but we’d be more lenient with an absence that was planned and came into conflict because of weather. My guess is that dealing with weather-related reschedules are far more often for us, so this may just be a case of not having to deal with these situations very often. There’s obviously some family-related conflict that muddies the water, too, but it’s not my place to comment on that conflict.

      Good luck! Feel free to send me an email if you have other questions or if I can clarify my thoughts at all.

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