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  1. FletchMacFletch

    Ah, the dream of most coaches & ADs, including volunteer youth coaches – fully excluding the parents. That way, no one challenges us, no one questions us, no one fully knows what we’re doing. We’d be free, I tell you, free! But wait, we’ll still expect the parents to fund everything. Pay-for-play costs will rise to make up for the lost revenue stream. Families will have to buy the uniforms each year. And on and on. Just give us your money and leave us alone. If there is a group of “adults” that whines more than coaches and ADs, I would like to know who it is. I want to see firm examples of how many parents complain to coaches and ADs. Then, let’s compare that to how many volunteer, drive, and support the team/school/kids without complaint. I’m guessing it turns out to be the 1/99 rule. 1% complain and 99% do their job. To all high school coaches & ADs, suck it up and do your job. Learn how to firmly communicate at the beginning of the season and then stand up for what you believe. Oh, and let’s not forget that there are more crappy coaches than stellar ones.

    1. highschoolsportsstuff

      I disagree with your first sentence. Our attempt isn’t to fully exclude the parents; our attempt is to have parents working with us for the benefit of our programs. If you check out the five-part post I wrote last summer about sports parenting, you’ll see that while I have pretty strict communication guidelines in our department, I also empathize with the position of parents and encourage them to communicate with us regarding the growth of their kids.
      I could show you the stats that would pretty much agree with your ascertain; it’s a small portion of parents who complain. It’s also a small portion of parents/fans who are obnoxious at games, but isn’t that the small portion that makes it miserable for everyone else? Would clearing out a gym fix that problem? Nope, and I wasn’t honestly suggesting that as a solution.
      I don’t believe that I have more crappy coaches than good ones in my district. I think I have an excellent group of coaches who prioritize educational based athletics and balance that with competitive opportunities; I try to hire them that way on purpose.
      Thanks for checking out some of the posts on the blog. I appreciate the feedback.

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