Thank A Coach Today

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  1. So very true! My husband coaches youth baseball – and it is exhausting some days…especially when the criticism stretches over to the coaches wife or team mom, and I suppose in the profession case? Anyone assisting in those coaching roles. We have been have been blessed with some wonderful parents over the years who who have taken the time to express their appreciate for his efforts through words, cards, and gifts…and those are precious. When I was teaching, I would tape notes of appreciation and encouragement from colleagues and parents on the inside of a cabinet door so that I could glance at them in particularly challenging days. I am browsing through your blog…wonderful articles and I will be following!

    1. highschoolsportsstuff

      Much appreciated! You’ll find a couple previous posts discussion some of those interactions and expectations of coaches. Most people don’t understand the many sacrifices that coaches make for a limited return – other than knowing that our work is important. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

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