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  1. Wayne Trudeau

    I agree with many of his comments, mostly about parents not coaching. A coach giving instruction during a contest depends on weather or not the athletes have ever been taught how to play and how to play to win. I have taken over three different programs in basketball that before I arrived two teams had one win the past year and one team had no wins, and had only won four games in the past four years. After time you can stop instructing during games but it takes time by time I mean years. Loosing is learned and winning is learned. We were lucky enough during each situation to go on to have double figure winning seasons the first year in each situation and improve each year. I found out from the players that winning is a lot more fun then loosing. Most players want discipline it’s the parents that don’t. So it depends on the age of athletes, and or grade school to high school. We have forgotten that there can be intramurals for individuals to only have fun. Life lessons are learned in varsity sports, life is not always fun!!! I am called old school as a coach, maybe old school is new school.

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