Patterning Core Values

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    1. highschoolsportsstuff

      Folks like this aren’t always asked to leave hockey, either…or soccer, or baseball, or football, etc.
      I did actually have one of the officials who worked the Saturday game for this particular game tell me that during halftime they discussed removing some fans but decided against it because it was the Saturday game of the state tournament. Pretty noble move by the officiating crew, I thought, to continue putting up with that.

  1. Wayne Trudeau

    We need to call these people out when it happens. If they are yelling at the kids at games what bullying is going on at home. Parents then convince their kids that they are not the problem. If it happens that they are showing disgust at their kids, other kids or coaches it continues at home. When I coached I told parents not to discuss the games with the kids unless the kids want to talk about it. I also would talk to parents who tried to coach their kids from the sidelines. Yelling at officials has happened since the beginning of time. I think coaches should not be allowed to questions the officials at all. This would give a level playing field for all coaches. That would put a stop to it. I was one of the worst coaches around at yelling at officials. If coaches do it fans will. Game officials, I mean AD’s, and others running the games need to lead the people out.

    1. highschoolsportsstuff

      Agreed – lots of good stuff here.
      I think we do a decent job of addressing our fan’s behavior in Grand Forks – certainly not all of it, but I think we’re able to deal with some of our issues. Tournaments are a tougher venue to regulate. Speaking for myself this past weekend, none of the fans in the building were from my district, so each community’s culture dictates the behavior of fans. As long as fans aren’t threatening people, most tourney managers will leave fan management to the administration of that particular school.
      I like your comment about coaches not talking to officials. Whenever I have an official contact me the morning after a game to comment on one of my coaches chirping, I always ask the official if he/she issued a warning or assessed a technical (or whatever the equivalent is for that sport).
      Thanks for the comments!

      1. Chris M

        I completely agree with this article. Growing up in a class B school and getting the chance to go to many state tournaments as my dad was an AD and administrator for the school. That kind of behavior was always unacceptable, and in fact when our girls team won state in ’96 we always tried to have the best sportsmanship, because getting the sportsmanship award was a very big source of pride for the community. It is sad to see parents/adults act in a way that would reflect so poorly on their community. I appreciate this article, and hope people might think twice when making such negative comments in front of these kids.

  2. Fan

    If this was the case…you sitting and listening for all 3 days …did you or you staff report it to Alerus Security or to the NDHSAA? It could have been resolved. But for the sake of a story you would rather sit and listen, laugh and bet as to when everything would start. You are as much a problem as they were.

    1. highschoolsportsstuff

      As a tourney manager, there was nothing to report or fix. Nobody in the section was complaining about their behavior, the officials hadn’t asked us to warn or remove the fans, and nobody was being threatened. It’s not our job as tourney management to tell fans how to act; that’s a school-based cultural decision. The fact that, as an AD, I don’t want my community’s fans acting like that doesn’t give me permission, as a tourney manager, to force my cultural beliefs on other schools/communities. I was expecting the officials to ask us to address it, and we were prepared for that possibility; however, the officials chose to leave it alone because it was the state tournament.
      I used last weekend as a catalyst for a blog post to remind my blog readers of fan expectations and to bring awareness to fans/parents of the importance of their behavior.

  3. Bumblebee32

    Bout time someone writes a comment on the fans who have been doing that all year long. I come from this school and trust me it gets to be a little annoying at times listening to this and I’m not even an adult. Just let your kids play basketball without yelling at the every time up and down the court. Just glad someone finally spoke up about this. Thank you.

    1. highschoolsportsstuff

      It’s tough to advocate for change as a student, but your voice, your comments, and your opinion expressed to school administration will go much farther than mine will to create change. Gather up a group of like-minded students, and let your AD and coaches know that fan behavior is creating a negative effect on your experience in athletics. Thanks for the read and comment!

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