The Three Percenters

As our fall seasons get started, I thought this would be a good time to re-post a reminder to our coaches and parents about the mathematical possibility of advancing in athletics.  Every time I share these stats, I think about the time I had to calmly explain to another parent that it is impossible for the 120 nine-year-olds involved in a youth sport to fill our 40 varsity team roster spots.

Let the kids dream big, aim high, and work hard to get there, but keep your adult perspectives in check while remembering the basic math behind advancement.  These posts are a couple years old now, but the percentages haven’t changed.

The 3 Percenters
The 97 Percenters

As your kids leave the door for another season of practices and games, don’t forget to tell them two things every day: (1) Play hard, and (2) Have fun.  (And if you want to embarrass them, wait until they’re around their teammates to remind them that you love them.)

Another school year up and running – enjoy the ride!

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