As the son of a four sport coach, Mark  has spent almost his entire life around high school sports.  After serving time for his dad’s teams as a water boy/stats kid/cone picker-upper/floor sweeper/shagger/nuisance, Mark played multiple sports in high school and college before moving into the coaching ranks himself.  Now the Athletic Director for Grand Forks Public Schools, he has the opportunity to add Sports Dad to his own resume.
(And if you’re a foodie, Mark’s wife, Jessica, is a professional chef and food blogger.  You can find her recipes and writing at  Craveable with Chef Jess.)

From Mark:
This blog looks to serve several different purposes.  I hope to better explain why we do what we do in high school athletics, provide resources for parents/coaches/kids/anyone to help us teach our student-athletes how to become good leaders, give my own personal opinions and commentary on current events and the state of high school athletics, and create an opportunity for parents or the public to ask questions.  While I can’t guarantee answers to all of your questions – and I certainly can’t promise that you’ll all agree! – I do hope to provide some insight into why we make the decisions we do in education and educational based athletics.

So, please, comment/critique/question/engage in all aspects of this blog.  Just remember, there are some topics and incidents that will require my professional confidentiality, and personal attacks against any individual will not be allowed.  As always, any opinion expressed from this blog is my own and not necessarily that of the Grand Forks Public School district or any other member of the administration.

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  1. Stephanie Vierra

    Enjoy reading many of your articles. Can you email me “Next Season Does Not Have to Start the Next Day” (4/28/16) It was posted on the NFHS website

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