Better Coaching Techniques For Better Coaches

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Two Ways We All Learn

Pitchers and catchers reported this past week!  My wife rolls her eyes when I get excited about that, but she’s still learning that February-April are usually the most exciting months for us Cubs fans.  Not this year though – Go Cubs! My staff just finished hosting the regional hockey tournament last weekend.  I really do…
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Keeping Perspective

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Program Atmosphere

I enjoy basketball, so naturally this is one of my favorite times of the year: March Madness!  This past weekend, I tried to squeeze in as much basketball watching time as I could without camping in front of a TV for four days.  As chance would have it, I was able to see a majority…
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Whose Experience Is It?

Between the content of my email/voice mail inbox and the recent headlines from Independence, Iowa, about their girls’ basketball coaches, I feel like this is as good a time as any to address the true experience of high school athletics. In my opinion, this is the busiest time of the year for a North Dakota…
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