Crash That Plane

**This was originally posted in March 2014.  With some of our winter seasons getting underway today, I thought it would be a good reminder for coaches who are making some changes to scheme or strategy this year.   My 5 year old has a “wonderful” little habit when I bring him with to watch games.…
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Social Media Refresher

Ah, the joys of social media. We use social media professionally to communicate and connect to our stakeholders. As an athletic department, we use Twitter to tweet out scores, award winners, schedule changes, and other information. Twitter has been a great way for our coaches to stay connected to our kids, getting them information quickly…
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Purposeful Leadership

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a little bit about how kids learn things either by being taught what to do or by being allowed to do what they want to do.  My post was aimed at coaches to point out that the kids on your rosters are doing what they do for a reason.…
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One Sport Athletes – Part 3

Thank you for visiting, but I’ve moved!  The post you’re looking for can be found at this link on my new site.

Athlete Survey Tool

Thank you for the visit, but I’ve moved!  You can find the post you’re looking for at this link on my new site.