Pitch Counts, Tommy John, And America’s Pastime

With the NBA and NHL playoffs nearing their championships, it’s the time of year for baseball to take center stage.  While our high school seasons are wrapping up across the country (except for Iowa who I personally think does high school baseball correctly), we turn our attention to Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, American Legion, and…
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The Real Cost Of Youth Sports

Somehow I managed to go three and a half months without posting anything new.  I need someone out there in the readership to take an active role in nagging me to write something on a more regular basis. An admin colleague sent me this news link to an article lamenting the loss of a once…
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Social Media Refresher

Ah, the joys of social media. We use social media professionally to communicate and connect to our stakeholders. As an athletic department, we use Twitter to tweet out scores, award winners, schedule changes, and other information. Twitter has been a great way for our coaches to stay connected to our kids, getting them information quickly…
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One Sport Athletes – Part 3

Thank you for visiting, but I’ve moved!  The post you’re looking for can be found at this link on my new site.

Protect Kids…from Themselves

I recently had a blog post sent to me addressing an MLB player’s view of dealing with his own concussion.  It’s a pretty good read that can be found here. Reading this reminded me of another blog post that had been sent to me quite a while ago.  Fair warning before you read this one…
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