Better Coaching Techniques For Better Coaches

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The Downside Of Social Media

Not too long ago, I wrote about the social media guidelines that I give to my coaching staff.  Within that post, I included some links to various websites pushing information to kids warning about the dangers of using their social media accounts.  Multiple sources continue to try drowning our kids in the message that their…
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Wisdom From The Onion

Thank you for the visit, but I’ve moved!  The post you’re looking for can be found at this link on my new site.

A Coach As A Mentor

When I realized it had been two months since my last post, I committed to getting a new post written immediately…and that was a month ago!  Now three months from my last post, it’s time to start typing. Many of you are probably aware of various incidents that have occurred across the US in high school…
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Necessary Skills For Every Century

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a habitual reader of Tim Elmore’s work, including his blog.  His post titled “New App Poses a Big Question” discussed a new app that solves math equations by simply taking a picture of the problem with your smartphone.  Dr. Elmore spends some time discussing the merits of such an…
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